Outplacement Services.

"Every employer has a moral imperative to be humane -- that means softening the blow of any transition in the instance of the pandemic."

Employers should offer outplacement services for all laid-off or furlough employees. 

  Employers partner with outplacement firms or create an outplacement team at your organization. 

Calling layoffs “Hard” may be the understatement of the year. They can be downright traumatic for both the employer and soon-to-be ex-employee.

Especially in times like this were organizations are laying off hundreds of workers due to the virus. 

What is Outplacement Service?

Outplacement is any service that assists a departing employee with obtaining a new job or transitioning to a new career. Access to outplacement services should be offered by all employers who are laying off employees now. Outplacement services can be beneficial for all parties monetarily, professionally, and emotionally and, more often than not, ensure a peaceful end to a working relationship.

Why Offer Outplacement

Organizations provide outplacement services because they are aware of the impact of their actions on current and prospective employees. Pragmatically, employers offer outplacement to protect their reputations as desirable employers, to head off potential lawsuits and, in the instance where a lawsuit is filed, look like good guys, and to minimize their liability for unemployment compensation payments.

Employers can use outplacement effectively to help employees bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job. It’s very much an act of kindness and compassion to its employees.

Outplacement services can reduce stress and turmoil for transitioning employees and mitigate risk for the employer.

Benefits of Outplacement Services

From an employer’s perspective, providing outplacement services can show that the company truly cares about the person as a human being. The biggest benefit of a successful relationship with an outplacement firm is the company's ability to maintain its employer brand among ex-employees and the broader marketplace. A solid outplacement plan can reduce the risk of costly legal problems. Compassionate outplacement may also reduce the risk of workplace violence and active shooter situations.

It’s also a way to keep an ongoing relationship with an employee. That’s particularly important if it involves a layoff due to downsizing, not poor performance or behavior, or the person leaves on his or her own accord. It’s in a company’s best interest to be encouraging and supportive if it has an eye on possibly rehiring the person at a future time. Like many companies right now who are asking employees to take several weeks off unpaid. 

Providing outplacement services helps saves money on unemployment claims. While companies do not pay extra when a former employee files a claim that’s approved, the annual tax rate they pay to the state toward unemployment can be affected.

On the cost side, employers should consider the normal and expected rate of turnover in their labor force. Frequent or large layoffs can considerably increase the cost of providing outplacement service. Employers should plan ahead and budget the expected cost of outplacement into their total labor costs. Employers need to do the right thing an offer outplacement service to their ex-employees. 


Outplacement is really important and smart corporate choice when planning to helps staff exit the business. All our outplacement services are created to provide a reliable service for participants. It will help you will you and your employees with the job-seeking campaign.

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