Job Interviews Are Broken

The job interview process is broken and has been for years. There are a number of problems with today's' job interviews. Some are due to the basic structure of the interviews, others to the lack of interviewer's skills and, still others to mistake by candidates This article will go over the leading problems with job interviews.

Interviews are like a game of head or tales that we played as a child. According to the study done by Smith and Hunter, a structured interview based on a set of questions is accurate at predicting job success only 51 percent of the time. An unstructured interview with more of a free-flowing question-and-answer format is accurate at predicting job success only 48 percent of the time.

According to a study done by leadership IQ, 46 percent of newly hired employees fail within 18 months ( they're terminated, leave under pressure, receive significantly negative performance reviews, or receive disciplinary action) while only 19 percent achieve success. This means only one in five people hired is a top performer, two will leave, and two will just be mediocre!

Many hiring managers will talk about hiring candidates on a gut feeling. The manager is unable to specify what the gut feeling consists of; however, he/she is convinced that the candidate would be a great hire. Excellent candidates often lose out to simply adequate candidates based on a gut feeling.

Most hiring managers are poorly trained. The vast majority of them receive little to no training on how to connect a successful interview. Companies should be required to train all hiring managers on interviewing and, how to ask the right questions.

Some interviewers even do not have standard interview questions to ask all candidates. This is why training is so important. Structured interviews so that all candidates receive the same question procedure that has been shown to make interviews more reliable less subjective and modestly more predictive of job success.

The bottom line is job interview are broken. Job Seekers are getting the raw end of the stick. Hiring managers must be properly trained by in house recruiters or consulting companies like ACC on how to conduct a behavioral style interview properly. We can fix the broken interview process one company at a time. We humanize the interview process and bring back the human touch to the process. Who is ready to fix the broken interview process?

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