5 things all job seekers need to do BEFORE a job search.

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1. Ask the big questions 

Whats is your talent ? What do you want to be known for? What is your purpose? What brings you real joy? What type of work environment do you want to work in? What type of boss do you need to thrive? Do you even like what you do? Here are some examples of some questions you should ask before you start your job-seeking journey. You must do some self-mastery work before you post your resume on the job boards. Answering this question will help you know your worth before the job search. It also will allow you to be more strategic with your job search only applying to jobs that match your criteria. Bottom line you can not start job searching without mastering yourself and knowing your wants and needs. So go ahead stop being afraid and ask yourself the big questions.

2. Get your attitude right 

Yes, rejection is apart of the job-seeking process. You will get reject countless it’s important to be able to bounce back from rejection. Having a good attitude about rejection will help you thrive in the job-seeking journey. So before you apply to that job ensure your attitude is right.  

3. Network yes in real life!

No, more looking at networking events and rolling your eyes. It is important you attend networking events and make genuine connections. 50 % of the job seekers I have help land jobs have gotten than from there existing network. 

4. Get on LinkedIn

If you’re not on Linkedin get on asap. If you are already on LinkedIn start creating content and engage with others. Add value to the platform try to be as visible as possible. Join job seeking groups as well as groups in your industry as well. 

5. Perfect your pitch 

Practice your pitch in the mirror. Watch your body language in the mirror. Make your sure pitch is short and consist of who you are, you’re why and your story. Make sure all of these tips are completed before you even start job seeking. What are your job-seeking tips?

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